3 Jobs Your Marketing Team Can Outsource Right Now


In today’s highly-competitive and digitized business environment and market, companies have come to realize the significance of channeling miscellaneous tasks and routine work to outsourced and virtual teams.

While many companies continue to limit outsourcing to administrative and general office work, there are more things virtual teams can help out in the progress and productivity of the business — such as through marketing.

If you have not considered outsourcing your marketing needs yet, read on and find out how you can significantly improve your marketing performance and increase your productivity here.

#1 Sales and Marketing Support

Having a busy sales team means good business. However, if your team members are too busy qualifying leads, following up prospects, or managing customer and lead database instead of really selling, that is a sign that your sales team is not productive and efficient enough to fulfill its primary role due to other tasks that fill their time.

By outsourcing your sales and marketing support, you give your salespeople opportunity to focus their tasks into actual sales. Your new outsourced team will manage the back-end support of your sales team — freeing them up and increasing their efficiency in the process.

Your outsourced support team will help generate and qualify leads, manage and maintain database, market through e-mail, and follow-up on prospective customers.

#2 Social Media and Online Marketing

With technology and the introduction of the digital sphere, keeping your online presence active has become a crucial part of the business environment. However, not all business owners have the luxury of time to keep online content up-to-date and engage with customers and potential clients on top of their core tasks.

By outsourcing your social media and online marketing team, you get the assurance that your online presence is active as they will take charge in engaging with customers, monitoring the business’ social media channels, and upload up-to-date information.

Some of the duties of social media and online marketing team include creating and managing social media accounts and blog, monitoring and updating these pages and blog, and moderating comments. The team can also actively participate in a forum and act as a moderator. Additionally, they can also track and report web activity which can help the company find more leads for sales and understand their customers and potential clients.

#3 E-mail Marketing and Other Communication

E-mail, newsletter, among others, are effective ways to market your business. They allow you to reach to a broader audience — both your existing customers and prospects.

However, these types of campaigns call for time and resources which can take your staff away from their core duties. Instead, outsource these jobs to ensure that the quality of communication is consistent and properly carried out without taking valuable time away from your team.