7 Tasks Your Competitors Are Outsourcing


Most business owners want to be as hands-on as possible when it comes to their business. Although there’s nothing wrong with this kind of mindset, but by doing so, opportunities for growth can become limited and the possibility of burnout goes high.

Instead, company owners are encouraged to maximize their resources and keep their focus glued on the core processes of the business, while tapping on the benefits of outsourcing — opening the company to pool of talents and lessening the workload of in-house employees. Through outsourcing, business owners increase productivity and minimize cost.

But, what tasks are you supposed to outsource? Diverting ourselves from the usual, check out seven tasks you probably did not know you can outsource today.

#1 3D Printing

3D printing constitutes various processes in which a three-dimensional object is created under a computer control by joining or solidifying materials together.

While internal staff can do the job, the process involves additional training and equipment which can be costly and impractical especially since such task can be outsourced, saving time and resources in the process.

#2 Web Designing

To leverage your business, a website has now become an imperative part of any organization. Luckily, setting up your website and keeping it going for your customers have become easy because you can outsource web designing which will then help you put it up and do the changes for you.

#3 Scheduling

Things can get hectic when managing a company. Let your staff focus on their vital tasks and outsource someone who will manage the schedules for them for organization.

#4 Research

Research takes time. Instead of making your in-house employee dedicate a whole day for research and push back other important work, find someone who will do the tedious research for your company, saving you time and preventing other projects to be pushed back.

#5 Marketing

Keep up with market trends by coming up with novel strategies through your outsourced marketing team. Outsourcing marketing gives you a pool of people who are expert in the field and can serve as additional voice in your planning.

#6 Social Media

Like website, social media is another important aspect of today’s business world. By setting up social media channels, you grow your online presence and attract possible customers.

#7 Customer Service

Customers are the most vital people in very business. Take care of them by providing 24/7 customer service support. How? Through outsourcing! Get a good night sleep knowing your outsourced team will take care of your customers for you.