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1. Get a glimpse of our people-first culture on our Facebook page. 2. Check out roles that are interesting and apply. 3. Depending on the role you applied for, receive an invitation to interview. 4. Hiring and onboarding – your new career starts now!


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Join a people-first, family-oriented company where people put your interests above profits. We are here to empower you, invest in your career, and be the most successful version of you.


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We are constantly seeking to improvecollaborate, and connect with each other. You’ll have opportunities to gain valuable experience while having fun.


kumusta kayo ate kuya !

Welcome to Expand Offshore!

We are thrilled to have you here. As you browse through our web site, we hope that you get a glimpse of our amazing culture and what makes us such a great organization.

Expand Offshore is a family-oriented company composed of exceptionally talented and dedicated individuals. We take pride in the culture we have created, and we believe that it sets us apart from others.





We Care about Our People

We follow a set of values and principles that guide us on how we operate and interact with our patients and employees. We are also committed to providing our employees growth and development, a safe working environment, competitive benefits, and work-life balance.


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We Like to Have Fun

We strive to make every day fun in the office. We make laughter, creativity, and positive vibes as part of our daily routine. Our monthly themed events and our annual Summer outing also reflect all of these.

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